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Garage door weatherseal

Fitting your garage or barn door with brushweather seal is an inexpensive way to reduce energy consumption and avoid pest infiltration. Brush weather strip for garage and barn doors can close gaps up to 3 inches. The filaments block air and sound as well as dust and pests because it creates a wall-like barrier. The filaments are flexible and conform to uneven surfaces providing a complete seal. Unlike vinyl weather stripping, it won't crack or fail over time. Brush weather stripping is made of nylon, a highly recyclable plastic that can withstand a range of temperatures, maintaining its effectiveness throughout the seasons over many years. Reduce pest problems by reducing access and blocking light and smells that attract pests.


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Garage door seals
  • Effective in hot and cold conditions - even to 70° F below zero
  • Last a long time - independent tests show that our brush weatherseal doesn't degrade even after 2 million door operations
  • Labeled for use on 3-hour fire doors (Nylon brush with filament lengths 4 inches and less

Brush and holders longer than 8ft will be cut in two for shipping.