Brush Weather Sealing FAQ

How do I select the right weather stripping?

Whether for your front door or overhead garage door, when choosing weather stripping, select product with a brush length that is closest to the size of the gap you want to seal. It is better to go slightly over the size than to be too short.

For example, if you want to seal a door bottom with a sweep that will close a gap that is 3/8 inch or less, choose a brush length that is slightly greater than 3/8 inch. Since we list our brush length in decimals, you will need a brush length more than 0.37 inch ( which is 3/8 inch). Our door sweeps with product codes H1001 to H1009 have brush lengths of 0.41 inch, perfect for closing the 0.37 (3/8) inch gap at the bottom of the door. We have provided a conversion chart for reference.

What color should the holder be?

The color is strictly a matter of personal choice. We offer 3 colors. Clear (silver, brushed aluminum, matte), Dark Bronze (dark brown, matte), Polished Brass (gold, shiny). 

What style holder should I use?

It's strictly a matter of preference. After you have determined the size of the gap you want to seal, you may then choose between gold, dark bronze or clear finishes depending on the holder you need. Choose a straight, or angled holder in a range of sizes. See chart below for sample configurations.

How do I install door sweeps?

1. Measure the door 
2. Cut the brush and holder to length
3. Mount it to the door.

Printer friendly instructions.

When can I expect to receive my order?

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What is your return policy?

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