Sustainable Solutions

Weather Sealing with Sustainable Buildings Materials

Ecologically sustainable development focuses on using materials that respect the environment, minimizing the impact on the local population as well as natural resources. The complete life cycle –from acquisition of raw materials through manufacturing, installation and disposal– is important when specifying products and materials.

Green sustainable building materials

Strip Brush weatherseal is a cost-effective tool for pest control and sealing out weather. It is made of completely recyclable materials. Brush weather stripping is a basic component for chemical-free Integrated Pest Management (IPM) especially for schools, hospitals and nursing homes. It reduces the need for poisonous pesticides by blocking light and odors which attract pests. It is also a physical barrier against pests. Installed properly, it is long lasting, rarely needing replacement. Typical vinyl weather strips fail over time, cracking and tearing with use. Brush weather stripping performs consistently over time and in extreme temperatures without degenerative effects. Strip brush weatherseal can have a considerable impact on heating and cooling costs by covering the cracks and crevices around entry doors of all types, as well as overhead doors and hangar doors. Going green is not always a matter of seeking new and often expensive materials. Sometimes all it takes is a second look at an existing resource.

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