Shop for Brush Door Seals and Door Sweep Kits

Shop for brush seal weatherstripping, door and jamb seal kits, door sweeps, and more. We have the brush seal kits and sweeps to fit your garage, barn, and entry door needs.

Brush door seals and garage seals

Entry Doors

Door Sweep Kits
Brush weatheseals for front doors, back doors and any type of entry door. Astragal Seal Kits
Astragal brush weatherstripping is perfect for sealing the gap where two doors meet as on french doors or other double doors. Door Jamb Seal Kits
Weatherseal for the top and sides of an entry door. A perfect complement to our door sweeps.


Garage and Barn Doors

Overhead Garage Door Seal Kits
Weatherstripping for overhead doors saves money by reducing energy costs. Adjustable Garage Door Bottom Seals
Non-brush weatherstripping for the bottom of your garage door. Made from black santoprene rubber. Keeps garage door from direct contact with the floor or ground.Large Garage Door Seals
Brush weatherstripping for large garage doors, barn doors, and other "non-standard" garage and barn-type doors.Garage Door Thresholds Garage door thresholds helps to prevent rain and snow from backing into the garage and prevent water damage on wood and metal doors by keeping door bottoms from direct contact with the concrete floor.