Warehouse doors

From entry doors to large overhead doors,
SEALEZE® has strip brush kits to fit your
business needs.

Strip brush cutouts 1
Strip brush cutouts 1

At SEALEZE®, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving product. Our building envelope products are designed to improve thermal efficiency, reduce pest problems, and improve comfort and safety.

In the 1970s SEALEZE® was the inventor and first US manufacturer of “The Original” strip brush for building envelope (weather seal) applications. Since then, we have become the foremost innovator in brush solutions for a broad range of applications, including a dedicated in-house customer service team focused on creating technical solutions for today’s business needs.

Building Envelope covers the following door types and brush applications

Overhead Doors 1 industrial bldg red and white 1 Entry Doors 1
  • Entry Doors
  • Overhead Doors
  • Hangar Doors
  • Dock Doors
  • Doors Exposed to Outside Elements

Order Information

  • SEALEZE® kits come with the brush and holder, attached together, with pre-drilled holes and fasteners in a plastic sleeve for the quick and easy installation.
  • Therm-L-Brush with filament 4” long or less is UL approved for use on 3-hour fire doors.
  • The best selling Building Envelope products are included in this catalog for easy selection and ordering.



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