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How to Install Door Sweep Weatherstrip

Install brush weather stripping in 5 easy steps

  1. Measure the bottom of the door.
  2. If your door is wider than stock brush weatherseal, cut the brush and holder to length and splice together.
  3. Pry open the ends of the holder with a screwdriver.
  4. Insert the brush into the holder and peen both ends of the holder with a hammer to lock the brush in place.
  5. Mount the seal by holding the aluminum flange to the door bottom while aligning brush to the proper fit. Then secure with self-drilling screws provided. Slotted holes allow for easy adjustment for the perfect fit.


  • Cut Brush with diagonal cutting pliers, shears or bolt cutters. Cutting action must pinch ends closed to seal in filaments.
  • Cut Holder with hack saw, power saw (with metal cutting blade), or angle iron shear.
  • Mount Sweep so brush just touches floor or top of threshold.
  • Splice the Brush when door dimensions exceed stocked weatherseal lengths. To splice the brush and holder, put 2 or more pieces together by staggering the brush and holder joints.
  • When installing astragal seals it is important to make sure that brush meets brush when the doors are closed. To do this, install the first astragal seal (leave a little wiggle room). Close the doors and install the second seal so that the brush touches the other brush for the entire length of the doors. Once everything is aligned to your satisfaction, tighten the holders in place.

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