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How to Install Garage Door Threshold


Installation guide for garage door threshold weather seal. Step-by-step instructions with photos and installation tips.

Please read ALL directions before starting installation.


Installation conditions: 
Install only on clean, dry concrete at temperatures above 40ºF (5ºC). 
Remove existing weather stripping from door bottom. 
For best adhesion, rough up concrete surface with wire brush before applying glue. 
Not recommended for installation on asphalt, painted or treated surfaces, broken concrete or gravel.


Tools: Tape measure, utility knife, pencil



1. With garage door open, center threshold between the garage door track (the channel the door rollers ride in). Trim to length with utility knife. (The "hump" side should on the inside side of the door.)

install 12. Lower the garage door on top of the threshold's 2-inch level strip. Push the 45º hump against the back of the bottom of the garage door. Note: Notch threshold around door jambs, if necessary, to ensure the 45º hump is against the back of the bottom of the garage door.






install 23. With the pencil, mark the inside edge of the threshold on the floor the full length of the threshold (from one door jamb to the other).

4. Carefully raise the door (without moving the threshold) and mark the outside edge of the threshold the length of the door. Rough up the area between the marks with a wire brush for best adhesion.




install 35. Remove the threshold and apply three rows of adhesive the full length of the door between the pencil lines as shown.







install 46. Replace the threshold between the pencil lines and firmly press into place. Carefully apply pressure to the threshold to ensure the adhesive spreads uniformly.







install 57. Inspect the threshold to make sure it is still between the pencil lines. The position can be slightly adjusted for a short period of time. The length of time varies depending on ambient conditions.







install 68. Close the garage door to keep constant pressure on the threshold for twenty-four (24) hours.


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