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General Garage Door Weatherseal FAQs

What You Should Know About Brush Weatherseals for Garage Doors:

Why use brush with angled holders to seal the jambs on my overhead/service doors? 
Using brush weatherseals in angled holders will allow the brush to “fan out” and conform to any surface irregularities.

Should I also use angled holders then to seal the bottom of my garage door?
Yes, for the same reason stated above. Straight brush can get crushed when the door is closed.

Is the same true for the header? 
Using brush with angled holders for your header is strictly a matter personal preference. Angled brush will work best in most situations, especially with sectional doors. However, straight brush can be used effectively on rolling steel doors.

What is the best type brush seal for the jambs on rolling steel doors? 
We offer brush in angled holders that can be attached directly to the guide using double-backed tape. Our brush seals ship with screws for installation. (We do not provide double-backed tape.)

How long should the brush be? 
This depends on how close you can mount the brush and the size of the gap you are sealing, but normally most sections can be sealed with a 1” brush.

Please note that brush and holders longer than 8ft will be cut in two for shipping. 

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