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Installing Brush Weatherseal for Sectional Doors

Weatherseal Installation on Sectional Garage Door
  1. Header Seal: Measure between the lintel and the door when the door is closed. Be sure to account for surface irregularities.
  2. Jamb Seal: Measure between the jamb and the door, taking into account surface irregularities and wind deflection. When using an angled holder, add an additional 25% to the measurement to account for lost “reach.”
  3. Inside Jamb: If space is available for brush and holder, determine amount of “play” between door and jamb. An angled holder or straight holder can be used.
  4. Bottom Seal: Measure the distance between door bottom and ground surface taking into account irregularities. (You’ll want to know the largest gap size.) For commercial-type doors with a 1 to 3 inch gap, use longer brushes. For residential or smaller doors, use smaller brushes. It doesn’t matter how crooked the door is or how much settling has occurred. As long as the door can open and close, the right brush can compensate for any irregularities in the gap size. So, when measuring for the brush length, measure the gaps size at the largest point. If you have a gap that is 1/8 inch at it’s narrowest but is ½ inch at it’s largest, then order a weatherseal with ½ brush length.

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